Women's Trauma Support Group

"Sometimes I can't get through the day without unwanted memories crashing in all around me, and other times I can only face the world if I put up a wall and don't engage other people. I can barely get through my day, so I can't begin to imagine how to deal with the harder, bigger stuff. I'm in so much pain."

Does this sound familiar?

Thrivers, Phase I, is a therapy group for those dealing with trauma.  Participants come to the group with all kinds of experiences, stemming from both relational trauma (originating from harassment, neglect, abuse, sexual assault) as well as process-oriented trauma (originating from a single event).  Thrivers, Phase I is an 8-week commitment which centers on emotional balance and mood regulation.  We work on finding and nurturing the part deep inside all of us that's never been harmed by the trauma - the part that is solid and whole.  During the first 8-week section of the group, we focus on acquiring and developing the tools we need to connect the dots between our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and somatic experiences.  We work on here-and-now responses to daily stressors and triggers.  We use techniques - like EFT (tapping) and EMDR - to help us manage recurring stressors in our daily lives and prepare us to revisit and retell our trauma stories in a way that offers greater therapeutic benefit.  We don’t tell our trauma stories in Phase I.  We fill our toolkit with powerful tools first to deal with the onslaught of modern life.  

With a stronger self, support from each other, and a new approach, we move into Thrivers, Phase II, which is a 12-week group, and begin to tell our trauma stories.  As we tell our stories, our newly learned techniques empower us to apprehend and address negative beliefs and negative reactions in the body.  In retelling and reworking our stories, we not only establish a new outlook but also a new way of looking within ourselves.

Thrivers SF

When: Weekly Tuesday evenings 7-8:30pm
Where: San Francisco office, 582 Market Street, Suite 1008, San Francisco, CA 94104

Beginning Oct 2018

12 week commitment / Interview required / 5-7members. 

** Participants attend for twelve weeks.  Enrollment is rolling so we welcome new members at anytime; however, the group is capped at 6 participants.  Start date will be announced when five participants have enrolled.