Future or Past Warrior Two


Bear with me, but I find I can make endless metaphoric connections with what happens in yoga class to what happens off the mat, out in the world.  For those of you who frequent sweaty yoga studios, perhaps you can find resonance in what I am about to say.

Warrior II.  That strong, yang-generating side lunge with arms extended from the torso, spouting fire or energy or both out the fingertips.  Knife edge of back foot glued to the mat and front quad firing to maintain that warrior-like stance.  Strong, kick ass, no bullshit stance.  An asana that requires commitment and a nod toward inner ferocity. Tuck your tender away in Warrior II.  No room for it here.   But the torso is often lunging forward as well. Or the torso is hanging back, not quite committed to the pose.   I want to say to students "plumb line your spine right down into the earth, in the middle of your hips, not too much forward and definitely, not leaning back."  

How is Warrior II a metaphor?  We futurize a ton.  Often we harbor future predictions as if they are true and we live in perpetual planning mode.   Or we live in the past.  Warrior II reflects these nodes.  We jut our spine forward or we hold back into the past over the back leg and kinda slump into our Warrior.  

How can we live in this present moment more and practice that in all our poses, not just Warrior, but in moment to moment living?  Nothing in this moment is lacking. Plumb line the present.  Sink your feet in, rest into your pelvis,  and send your breath right through to the center of this moment.