Thrivers Is and Is Not


Thrivers is a support group starting back up again this winter.  Open to women dealing with the effects of a traumatic event(s) such as:

  • An accident
  • Sexual assault or harassment
  • Medical trauma, such as surgery or disease
  • Suicide and unexpected death
  • Witnessing an accident, crime or difficult event.

What Thrivers Is and What Thrivers Is Not

Even though most of us have experienced a trauma or multiple traumas in our lives from the past, this group focuses on present time positive change.

Thrivers is:

A healing circle

A confidential space

A place to get powerful somatic therapy tools and cognitive behavioral tools help us cope in the world and live more zestful lives

A support team of other women who understand

A safety net

A mindfulness container where we learn breathing and simple mind body techniques

A place to challenge our thinking

A place to challenge our behavioral patterns

A place to communicate with other women differently

Thrivers is not:

A place to vent without change.

A place to hash up, review, repeat, re-enact the trauma story

A place to increase your PTSD symptoms

A place in which there is no trust

A place where we can’t trust ourselves to say no, to respond, to be ourselves

It is not mandatory to tell our story in Thrivers. We don't encourage a re-hashing, although it is ok if stories emerge, when you are ready. We encourage you to concurrently do work in individual therapy.

Go from Trauma to Triumph and RECLAIM your JOY!  We each will discover a place within that’s never been hurt, abused or neglected in any way.