Every once in a while, super hot.


Someone once told me that every 10th padrón pepper is super hot.  I can't remember if it was the farmer market hipster vendor or a foodie friend, but I am intrigued by the implications for daily living.  I love padróns and shishitos.  Smothered in really good olive oil and seasalt and roasted or blistered.  They offer a note of bitter, one of those five flavors we don't get enough of.  Unexpected hot.  Unexpected bitter.  Again, how can we use this as a metaphor for taking life on life's terms.  

We can't predict when a bitter moment is going to sidestep right into our lives.  We don't know what's around the next corner, let alone the next moment.  Everything slippery, no predictability in life.  Padróns are like that.  You are going along, going along and wap, zap, a hot one.  Expecting the same flavor and the same intensity and, bang, that's not what you get. How to not react?  How to stay calm and take the heat and enjoy the ride?  Or not take the heat. And yet be neutral,  nonplussed by the ride.  Dispassionate but not detached.