Self-Care without Self-Kindness

Doing the perfunctory self-care routine but without kindness and self-compassion isn't really self-care at all.  Think about it.  Eating something mindfully and with pleasure regardless of the ingredients, is way better than gulping down that super food green smoothie and hating it.  How can we just bring simple mindfulness and lovingkindness to our self-care routines?  Brushing teeth with self-love?  Now, hold it, that might be going a bit too far.  But seriously, I sense that thing we are doing would be much more beneficial to our bodies and minds if we flipped the routine and offered a ray of sunshine and self-love on that 150th vinyasa flow class or that same 'ol hike in the hills.  

It's not really self-care if we do this stuff without pleasure, presence, kindness.  It's going through the motion but not super-charging our batteries, really.  We super-charge with the sweetness.  Even if we do it less often, we bring more quality.*


* Forget what I said about teeth brushing however.  Best to do daily, regardless of that ray of sunshine..ha.