Do you find yourself wishing you were somewhere -- or someone -- else? Do you feel trapped in the past and anxious or uncertain about the future? Is your depression or anxiety keeping you from connecting with your family and loved ones? Perhaps you feel unable to live in the present moment, and you're not sure where these feelings are coming from. This malaise of modern living is not always, but often, a sign of a past trauma, or a constellation of traumatic events. I work to help you uncover, integrate, and rewrite the thoughts, feelings, and experiences, both past and present, which might be keeping you from living a full and empowered life.

Individual Therapy

Many of us have been wounded in the context of a relationship, so we heal in the context of a trusting therapeutic relationship. I help individuals work with challenges, triggers, restimulated experiences and unresolved issues, so that they do not have to be re-enacted in present relationships. 

Couples / Partner Therapy 

I do two kinds of couples therapy: preventative and crisis intervention. Much of the work I do is to support partners in staying connected or reconnecting in the midst of crisis. Usually, couples come to me in distress about sex, money, kids, and/or who does the laundry. Together, we develop practical strategies for decision-making and strengthen partners’ ability to empathize with each other, even during emotional explosions.  I use both a developmental model of couples therapy and Nonviolent Communication to help partners hear and understand one another, as I try to assist couples in moving beyond right/wrong thinking, to a place of compassion and empathy. I enjoy working with all family structures, whether you are married, unmarried, poly, queer, transgender, or undefined.

Couples Trauma Therapy

I specialize in working with parents and couples in crisis and recovery from a traumatic event.

Do you have a child with: 

  • A chronic medical condition, 
  • A sudden injury or accident, 
  • Trauma as a result of a medical procedure or surgery, and/or
  • Attachment issues as a result of adoption, divorce, loss or death in the family? 

I have expertise in working with parents with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), chronic anxiety and depression from caring for a child with special needs. Often, couples experience a disruption in their relationship, including decreased trust, intimacy and libido. Often, we walk on pins and needles, we become anxious and fearful, and we feel like other parents in our community don't get it and can’t understand our experience. Couples Trauma Therapy offers solid footing to sort through all our complex feelings, get support, and find energy and strength to be the best parents we can be for our children. We use many tools, from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and mindbody therapies, to re-stabilize the system and help the couple regain balance from the sudden event or chronic trauma.

Family Therapy

Often, families come to me because of a betrayal, substance use and misuse, chronic medical conditions, a breakdown in communication, remarriage, or adoption or a death in the family. At times, it is necessary for part, or all, of the family to come in for mediation of a particular, unresolved family issue. Sometimes aunts and uncles, adolescent or adult children, and other family members join in. Not only do I address an individual’s healing needs, but I also work to strengthen the internal and external capacities for healing for the entire family. Sometimes, families aren’t in crisis, but need tools to hold the sweetness of the joys of adoption, empty nests, or developmental milestones like graduation.

Group Therapy

In group therapy, participants gain tools and perspectives on how they and others cope with an issue, such as body image, trauma, parenting, sexuality, depression, or anxiety.

Often, those new to group therapy have done individual therapy, and are ready for a community with which to validate and hold a collective experience. Through the reciprocal give-and-take of group therapy, individuals experience potent empathy and validation that they are not alone.

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