"Where am I in this parenting daily grind?  I lost myself.   Where is my career, my social life? Where are my individual hopes and dreams? Is it selfish to worry about these things? I should pay more attention to my children's needs. I should do more for them… I feel caught.  Torn. I feel guilty.  I’m not here enough for my family and I’m definitely not here enough for me.  I need to figure out when to put me first.  I'm exhausted and need to find a way out."

Have you been here before?

Me First Moms is a moms' support group.  Have you struggled with consistent self-care?  As caretakers, it is easy for us to get caught up in the myth that we must always do more, for our children and families, even if it is to our own detriment. We live by the myth that our kids’ happiness and contentment is wholly our responsibility. We can’t tolerate our kids’ disappointment and are frightened by their discontent and boredom— as if it’s our fault. In this group we make a commitment to put ourselves first, recognizing that it is crucial not only to our role as mothers but also to our self-fulfillment and growth as individuals. Whether we're single moms, partnered, straight, queer, or parenting in a non-traditional family, this group provides us with tools to practice in the group setting and to take into the world with us when leave.


When:  Mondays 1:30-3pm
Where:  East BayOffice, 1398 Solano Ave, Albany
Beginning February 2018