Sometimes we heal best in community. While individual therapy is important for self-discovery, group therapy and workshops allow participants to support each other and learn from one another’s experiences. Working through our challenges with others helps us understand that we are not alone in our struggle. I offer group therapy on various topics with which I have extensive experience, both personal and professional.

I recently completed a year long advanced training in group therapy at The Psychotherapy Institute in Berkeley.  In knowing the unique healing that happens in group work,  I am passionate about helping participants find healing, empowerment and support through these group offerings: 

  • Thrivers  is a support group for those dealing with trauma. The group centers on finding and nurturing the part deep inside all of us that's never been harmed by the trauma - the part that is perfect, whole and complete. Read more                                                                  
  • Launch is a support group for moms who are coming of age.  We find our own voice, identity, and empowerment separate from our kids.  As we launch our kids, we launch ourselves into our new found identity, instead of slumping into depression, isolation, shame and doubt.  Read more
  • Me First Moms is a mom's support group.   Develop self-care and diminish guilt in a group setting.