"My depression, anxiety, and fear leave me tired and paralyzed in the face of day-to-day activity and tasks. I can't get my mind and body on the same page, and even when I can, it's not the page I want to be on. I've tried talk therapy, but it only gets me so far. I just want to feel better, and I don't want to do it alone."

Does this sound like you?

Depression & Anxiety Busting Bootcamp (DABBCamp) is an  OUTDOOR / INDOOR boot camp for the brain and the body. It’s for individuals struggling with chronic or acute depression, anxiety, or both. We embrace the mindbody connection in order to re-stabilize and balance our hormones, our thoughts and our relationship to our stress. DABBCamp uniquely combines the best parts of talk therapy with mindbody therapy practices, using many tools including Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), EMDR tapping, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). These tools help us work through negative self-talk, blocking, and hidden beliefs while moving stuck energy through our bodies, as we begin each session with mindful movement, yoga, breathing techniques, and guided visualizations.  We heal together in a group context!

East Bay

Who: Women
When: Weekly Monday mornings 6:15am - 7:45am starting January / February 2017!
Where: 1398 Solano Ave., Albany, CA 94706
(We begin outdoors, rain or shine, for the movement portion and then move into the office.)

*** Participants attend for eight weeks. Enrollment is rolling so we welcome new members at anytime; however, the group is capped at eight participants.