Somatic Psychotherapy

My work as a psychotherapist is informed by an understanding of the body, based on my many years supporting people with disabilities, chronic medical conditions, and substance use and misuse. The mindbody techniques of EMDR (a form of body-centered trauma resolution work) and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) serve to strengthen the positive changes gained through more traditional talk therapy.  Additionally, I have had mindbody trainings in  Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Reichian  breath and bodywork, Hokomi,  Integrated Body Psychotherapy and Somatic Experiencing.

Yoga & Breathwork

In addition to being a massage therapist, I am a passionate yoga practitioner who came to teaching yoga via many years on the mat, starting with my first Iyengar class at UC Santa Cruz. As a 200 hour certified yoga instructor, I am a big fan of yoga for balancing the hormones and balancing the mind. Yoga is a brilliant synthesis of mind body breath. I particularly trust that yoga brings us to that open field of mindfulness -- moment to moment awareness of the body’s voice. I’m studying further to become a Yoga Therapist, and my yoga-informed therapy practice currently includes:

  • trauma-informed private yoga sessions
  • body positive private yoga sessions
  • yoga for chronic pain and disabilities
  • yogic breath techniques


Part of my practice is dedicated to mindful bodywork. After years of work in physical therapy and massage therapy, I've found that, often times, people need bodywork just as much as they need talk therapy because we hold trauma, memory and experience in our tissues.