Alphabet Soup is a 3 hour  or full day workshop on self-care for healers. How do we stay whole in a dynamic world that feels like it’s crumbling and crazy? How do we let go, regain center, and stay the course as social change agents, as stewards of the earth, as parents, partners and professional healers? This course will offer techniques for self-empathy and empathy of others, for transforming negative self-talk, body-based trauma, and physical and emotional pain. These techniques include guided meditation, breath techniques, affirmations, and intention setting. We practice NVC, EFT, and EMDR / self-tapping techniques and other mindbody techniques in dyads or small groups.


Please contact me if you are interested in this training for your organization.  I have facilitated this workshop in non-profits, schools and the private sector.  

 Flickr CC Photo Credit: Rob Larsen